Our Copy & Design Team

SBM offers a wide variety of printing services and products including Digital, Offset, Large Format, Banners and Promotional Products.
Our services range from a full copy service to a full service print shop. We can take your ideas and design your printed piece to meet your needs. We don’t just customize, we personalize your printing in creating the piece that is right for you.

In every department, there is someone who does all the behind the scenes projects, this is Allison. She keeps our machines filled, supplies stocked, and inventory in check along with most of the finishing details for customer orders. Since July 2016

Allison Hultin

Graphic Designer

Ashley keeps the Copy Shop organized and running on time. She puts her heart into each project to ensure all our customers are receiving their order with the utmost care and attention to detail. Since September 2015

Ashley Cox

Graphic Designer